East Kilbride rail electrification

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The electrification of the East Kilbride to Glasgow Central line is part of the Scottish Government’s plans to decarbonise Scotland’s rail passenger services by 2035.

Our aim is to move towards a carbon free journey from home to destination for communities along the East Kilbride corridor with quieter, greener electric trains.

Flexible options for a phased delivery

Options for the development cover the following infrastructure enhancements, delivery of which can be phased flexibly:

  • Enhanced passenger facilities at East Kilbride station including a new building and improved circulation space
  • Greater collaboration with local authorities on development of active travel and enhanced park and ride options at stations on the route
  • Progress plans to relocate Hairmyres station to a new location approximately 600m to the west to provide better access to the rail network
  • Electrification between East Kilbride and Glasgow Central to reduce diesel emissions
  • Platform extensions to accommodate longer trains
  • A review of accessibility across the corridor.

Future improvements

To read about more planned rail improvements, visit the Scotland’s Railway website.