Prioritisation of rail projects

Getting it right for rail

We continue to make record investment in maintaining and improving our rail network. To sustain and enhance Scotland’s Railway, a suite of projects is either under active consideration, in development or in delivery across the country, within this current rail funding period (Control Period 6: 2019-2024) and beyond. All projects are subject to the Scottish Government appraisal process outline in the Rail Enhancements and Capital Investment Strategy. 

The aims of our projects align with wider planning and transport priorities including:

  • providing enhanced and more sustainable passenger and freight services through delivery of our decarbonisation plans
  • improving the reliability and connectivity of services
  • improving accessibility to rail services for all

The next key projects across Scotland that we will take forward in the coming years are detailed below. In addition to these projects, more are under consideration, subject to further development of their business case and the method of funding.

In delivery

In development

The key investments are part of our journey towards net zero. Other projects continue to be considered in the medium and the longer term.

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Our investment to date

The work we are progressing now builds on the Scottish Government’s previous levels of investment. Since 2007, we have invested over £11bn on rail infrastructure, including on refurbishment of Glasgow Queen Street and Edinburgh Haymarket stations. Projects include:

At the start of the most recent five year rail funding period (Control Period 6: 2019-2024), our priority was the completion of a suite of rail improvements, electrification and the introduction of associated services.

This rail funding period (2019-2024) also includes a 21% increase in our investment on the day to day running of Scotland’s rail network, in comparison to the previous funding period, which will deliver improved performance and resilience over time.

Building back greener

While the pandemic created unprecedented pressures on the priorities of government, the vision proposed through the National Transport Strategy for a fairer and greener transport system, remains as relevant in guiding our actions through and out of this crisis, as it does for the protection of our climate and for our future sustainable economic growth.

Our commitment to ending Scotland’s contribution to climate change is unwavering and is central to our green recovery. Our economic recovery must be a green recovery, which is inclusive of the needs of communities across Scotland.

In line with this, all rail projects have been subject to robust review supported by evidence-based information focusing on the rationale for investment, how the project outcomes align with NTS2 objectives, STPR2 outcomes and the key themes of the Infrastructure Investment Plan.

Our plans also take into account the short-medium term impacts of the pandemic on travel patterns, as well as the need to reassess future forecasts for growth in freight and passenger capacity.