Carbon Account for Transport

Executive Summary

The CAT provides a carbon balance sheet for Scotland, and presents the impact of all Scottish transport policies and projects: .... expected to have a significant impact on carbon, whether positive or negative (National Transport Strategy). Based on greenhouse gas emissions estimates up to and including 2013, the main findings in this latest report are:

  • In 2013 Scottish emissions from all sectors amounted to 53.0 mega-tonnes of carbon dioxide equivalent (MtCO2e). Transport's share, including emissions from international aviation and shipping (IAS) was 12.9 MtCO2e. Transport thus accounts for just under one quarter of Scotland's total emissions.
  • Transport emissions, including IAS have fallen for six consecutive years and by 1.9 MtCO2e since peak figure of 14.8 MtCO2e recorded in 2007.
  • Road transport emissions account for 72.0% of all transport emissions and cars account for over half road emissions. Emissions from cars account for just under 40% of all transport emissions while emissions from goods vehicles (combined light and heavy) account for 28% of total transport emissions.
  • Looking at the entire period 1990-2013:
    Total transport emissions (12.9 MtCO2e) remain below their 1990 level of 13.2 MtCO2e.
    At 5.1 MtCO2e, emissions from cars are below their 1990 level of 5.8 MtCO2e
    Emissions from aviation have risen by a third since 1990 to stand at 1.9 MtCO2e with goods vehicle emissions up 27% at 3.7 MtCO2e.
    The significant rise in emissions from good vehicles (from 2.9 MtCO2e to 3.7 MtCO2e in 2013) is largely a result of the increase in emissions from Light Good Vehicles prior to 2007 with HGV emissions accounting for the bulk of the increase from 2009.
  • The specific infrastructure projects outlined in the CAT add an estimated net 0.05 MtCO2e to total transport emissions in 2027 - equivalent to 0.4% of current transport emissions.