Consultation Report – Spring 2021 Public Consultation on the Preferred Route Corridor – A83 Access to Argyll & Bute

On 18 March 2021, the Cabinet Secretary for Transport, Infrastructure and Connectivity announced that the preferred route corridor was Route Corridor 1 through Glen Croe. This route corridor was identified as more cost effective and quicker to deliver, having significantly less environmental constraints, than the other route corridors being considered. At the same time as announcing the preferred route corridor, Transport Scotland invited the public to provide feedback on five possible alternative route options within Route Corridor 1, including tunnel options, viaduct options and debris shelter options.

The purpose of this consultation was threefold. Firstly, we wanted feedback on the selection of Route Corridor 1 as the preferred route corridor. Secondly, we were seeking feedback on the five possible route options presented. Specifically, to fully understand the views of those who feel they may be impacted, how they are impacted and whether there are any environmental/cultural/heritage features which should be considered in future decision making with respect to the selection of a preferred route option within Glen Croe. Thirdly, we wanted to know if there were any other route options which members of the public felt should be considered within Glen Croe. The information would help inform further assessment and design work.

We would like to thank stakeholders and members of the public for the 127 responses received. This report provides a summary and record of the feedback received during the consultation. The findings of this report will be used, along with other design and assessment work, to inform future decision making for the A83 Access to Argyll project such as the identification of a preferred route option.

Published Date 3 Dec 2021 Type Projects