Cycle Training in Primary Schools Research

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Cycle Training in Primary Schools Research


Executive Summary

1. Introduction
About this Report
Research Aims and Objectives
Research Context
Cycle Training in Scotland
Bikeability Scotland 2 - The Scottish Cycle Training Scheme
Research Method
Report Structure

2. Research Methods
Rationale for Qualitative Research
Selecting Local Authority Areas
Interviews with Road Safety Officers
Identifying Case Study Schools
Undertaking Fieldwork
Analysis and Reporting

3. Attitudes to On-Road Cycle Training
Schools Offering On-Road Training
Schools Offering Off-Road or No Training
Comparison of Stakeholder Views

4. Planning and Delivering On-Road Cycle Training
On-Road Training Programmes
Responsibility for Delivering On-Road Training
Setting Up On-Road Cycle Training
Maintaining On-Road Cycle Training
The RSO Role in Maintaining Cycle Training
Challenges to Setting Up and Maintaining On-Road Cycle Training
Stopping On-Road Cycle Training

5. Barriers to On-Road Cycle Training
Barriers to On-Road Training
Barriers to Cycle Training More Generally
Overcoming Barriers to On-Road Cycle Training

6. Findings and Conclusions
Key Findings

Appendix 1. Case Studies
Appendix 2: Discussion Guides
Appendix 3: References

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