1. Frontier Economics, Connecting for Growth, September 2011

2. Edinburgh, Glasgow and Aberdeen.

3. If there is already a route from Scotland to that destination, then the new route does not count towards the unique destination total.

4. Regions and countries that share similar characteristics in terms of economy, population, geographic position, size and level of air services to Scotland. Examples are provided in Annex A.

5. Scottish Aviation Framework March 2020, Altitude Aviation Advisory.

6. The aviation routes covered by the UK ETS are UK domestic flights, flights between the UK and Gibraltar, flights departing the UK to European Economic Area (EEA) states, and flights to offshore installations. Flights from EEA airports to the UK are covered by the EU ETS. The UK ETS applies to all aircraft operators, regardless of their nationality. The UK ETS does not apply to international flights to airports outwith the EEA, on the basis that ICAO is developing the CORSIA scheme to provide a carbon market and carbon price to cover these emissions.

7. Calculated as follows: inbound non-Scottish residents x average spend per head (inbound dependent on duration, frequency, capacity & load factors), taking account of leakage (outbound Scottish residents spend), displacement, deadweight and multiplier effects.

8. For more information about how Scotland compares to peer regions see Annex A.

9. Including travel time to and from the airport and average waiting time.

10. 10 Attitude Analysis, OAG, GAWC.



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