Economic, Environmental and Social Impacts of Changes in Maintenance Spend on Local Roads in Scotland


AADF Annual Average Daily Flow

AIA Asphalt Industry Alliance

ALARM Annual Local Authority Road Maintenance

CABE Commission for Architecture and the Built Environment

CDT Cycling Demonstration Town

CIMS Cleanliness Index Monitoring System

CMH Ceramic Metal Halide

COSLA Convention of Scottish Local Authorities

dB(A) A-weighted Decibel (measure of noise)

DEFRA Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs

DfT Department for Transport

DPTAC Disabled Persons Transport Advisory Committee

ESALF Equivalent Single Axle Load Factor

GDP Gross Domestic Product

HA Highways Agency

HGV Heavy Goods Vehicle

HPS High Pressure Sodium

HRA Hot Rolled Asphalt

ICE Institution of Civil Engineers

ILE Institution of Lighting Engineers

IRF International Road Federation

IRI International Roughness Index

ISOHDM International Study on Highway Development and Management (HDM-4)

KSI Killed and Seriously Injured

LGV Light Goods Vehicle

LPV Longitudinal Profile Variance (mm2) (reported at 3m, 10m or 30m wavelengths)

NOx Nitric Oxide and Nitrogen Dioxide

NPB Net Present Benefit

NPV Net Present Value

NTS National Travel Survey

OGV Other Goods Vehicle

PET Personal, Environmental, Trip (related)

PM10 Particulate Matter < 10 µm

PM2.5 Particulate Matter < 2.5 µm

PSV Public Service Vehicle

PTE Passenger Transport Executive

QUADRO Queues and Delays at Roadworks

RAMP Road Asset Management Plan

RCI Road Condition Index

RPI Retail Price Index

SCANNER Surface Condition Assessment for the National Network of Roads

SCOTS Society of Chief Officers of Transportation in Scotland

SCRIM Sideway-force Coefficient Routine Investigation Machine

SEU Social Exclusion Unit

SFC Sideway-Force Coefficient

SMTD Sensor Measured Texture Depth

SOLACE Society of Local Authority Chief Executives

SRMCS Scottish Road Maintenance Condition Survey

STAG Scottish Transport Appraisal Guidance

SUDS Sustainable Urban Drainage Systems

TfL Transport for London

TRIP A national transportation research group, Washington DC, USA

VOC Vehicle Operating Cost