Economic, Environmental and Social Impacts of Changes in Maintenance Spend on Local Roads in Scotland


1. At the time of undertaking the study, 2010/11 budgets had not been finalised. Refer to Appendix A.10 for further details.

2. Further details on the road network are available at

3. This result shows that other Authorities which are not included in the study sample of 8 Authorities would show some reductions for structural maintenance in excess of the 69% derived for all local roads.

4. Note that structural maintenance might include carriageway and non-carriageway work. Non-carriageway structural maintenance is probably considered higher priority (safety impacts) and so proportional spend on carriageway structural maintenance might be reduced even further than these figures.

5. SCOTS embarked on a four year project in 2008 to implement improvements in asset management planning across Local Authorities.

6. The data has been provided without naming Local Authorities and so it is not possible to relate the information to other published information.

7. Probably not a reliable measure but all that is possible with data available

8. The identities of the Authorities providing the example surveys have not been included.

9. The analysis used HDM-4 version 2.