Exhibition materials - Public exhibitions - Oct-Nov 2017 - A9 A96 Inshes to Smithton

Information presented at the 2017 public exhibitions in Inshes and Smithton in Oct / Nov 2017.

The Panels include information from Transport Scotland relating to the scheme and further information from The Highland Council on their Development Brief for Inverness East and an update on their plans for the Inshes Junction area.

We welcome your comments and feedback on the A9/A96 Inshes to Smithton scheme. Please take time to consider the information presented and provide any comments you may have as soon as possible and by 13 December 2017.  Comments on the scheme can be sent to us by email or post, or using the Feedback Form below.

If you have any queries relating to The Highland Council’s plans, please visit their website using the link in the exhibition Panels.

Published Date 31 Oct 2017 Type Projects Mode of transport