Fast Track Scotland - Making the Case for High Speed Rail Connections with Scotland

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Ministerial Foreword

Executive Summary

1 High Speed Rail
1.1 High speed rail is needed in the UK
1.2 The benefits of a UK high speed rail network which includes Scotland
1.3 Learning from others
1.4 The status of the network planned for the UK
1.5 The implications for Scotland's connectivity
1.5.1 HS2 Ltd proposals for Scotland's connectivity in 2026
1.5.2 HS2 Ltd proposals for Scotland's connectivity in 2033

2 Strategic and Economic Context
2.1 EU Policy Context
2.2 UK Policy Context
2.3 Scotland's Strategic Vision
2.3.1 National Planning Framework 2
2.4 Economic Context
2.4.1 Wider Edinburgh economy
2.4.2 Wider Glasgow economy
2.4.3 Wider Scotland

3 The vision for high speed rail in Scotland
3.1 Channel Tunnel Rail Link
3.2 Integration with the Scottish Rail Network

4 Assessment of Benefits
4.1 Economic
4.1.1 Economic welfare benefits
4.1.2 Wider economic benefits
4.1.3 Inward investment
4.1.4 Key growth sectors
4.1.5 Benefit to the UK economy
4.1.6 Passenger demand and revenue
4.2 Benefits to Passengers and Rail Operators
4.2.1 All of Scotland will benefit
4.2.2 Capacity
4.2.3 How would additional capacity benefit Scotland?
4.2.4 Punctuality and reliability
4.3 Environment
4.3.1 Overall emissions associated with cross-border travel
4.3.2 Embodied carbon

5 Assessment of Costs and Challenges
5.1 Capital Costs
5.2 Operating Costs
5.3 Challenges to Analysis
5.4 Risks

6 Value for Money

7 References

List of Figures
Figure 1 High Speed Rail network at 2032
Figure 2 Rail/Air Market Share

List of Tables
Table 1 Indicative future journey times
Table 2 Overview of the Scottish economy by region
Table 3 Responses from businesses in Scotland to a surve of opinions on high speed rail
Table 4 Incremental increase in demand in 2055 of extending from Manchester to Scotland
Table 5 Change in Rail Market Share across key European Routes
Table 6 Embodied Carbon Emissions for Current Proposed Route and the Extension to Scotland
Table 7 Quantified Costs and Benefits (£ millions) of Manchester to Scotland (2002 PV/prices) and resulting BCR over 60 year appraisal period
Table 8 Sensitivity Analysis - Quantified Costs and Benefits (£ millions) of Manchester to Scotland (2002 PV/Prices) And Resulting BCR over 60 year appraisal period

Published Date 14 Dec 2011 Type Mode of transport