Fast Track Scotland - Making the Case for High Speed Rail Connections with Scotland


1 High Speed Two Limited (HS2 Ltd) is the company set up by the Government to consider the case for a new high speed rail network in the UK. It is charged with developing recommended routes between London and the West Midlands, and onwards to Manchester and Leeds.

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9 The 'S' shape would connect Leeds via Manchester and Birmingham; the 'Y' shape would serve Leeds and Manchester independently, with lines splitting at Birmingham.

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13 Services between Scotland and London, and other centres within the UK, can run at speeds of up to 200kph/125mph, where permitted, and only across specific sections of track. These services are frequently described as 'Long-Distance High Speed'

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22 National Planning Framework 2 (NPF2) was published on June 25 2009. It sets the spatial strategy for Scotland's development to 2030, and designates 14 national developments of strategic importance to Scotland. The Planning etc. (Scotland) Act 2006 requires Scottish Ministers to prepare a national planning framework. It also requires planning authorities to take NPF2 into account in development plans and development management decisions.

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32 Forty businesses were surveyed. Among those that undertook the survey and expressed support for high speed rail including Glasgow and Edinburgh were BT, Biggart Baillie, World Club HQ, Gillespie Mcandrew, Jones Lang Lasalle, Oracle, Brodies, First Group and Turcan Connell.

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39 A Route Utilisation Strategy (RUS) takes a strategic look at the rail network and its usage and capability in relation to current and future demand. Where shortfalls in capacity are determined, the RUS will identify options for addressing them. These options may involve timetable changes or investment.

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43 HS2 Ltd also used a bottom up process to derive the cost estimates using a variety of available data sources.

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