Appendix 3: Transport accessibility Steering Group membership

Appendix 3: Transport accessibility Steering Group membership



Association of Transport Coordinating Officers

Marion Mackay

CalMac Ferries Limited

Alastair Protheroe

CalMac Ferries Limited

Kerry-Ann Dolan replaced by Rosalind Robertson

Community Transport Association

John MacDonald

Confederation of Passenger Transport

George Mair

Convention of Scottish Local Authorities

Kieran Jackson replaced by George Eckton and Robert Nicol

Disability Agenda Scotland

Ross Gilligan replaced by Kayleigh Thorpe and Layla Theiner

Guide Dogs

Jane Horsburgh

Independent Living in Scotland

Heather Fisken

Inclusion Scotland

Sally Witcher replaced by Iain Smith

Mobility and Access Committee in Scotland

Anne MacLean

Network Rail

Margaret Hickish

North Link Ferries

Peter Hutchinson


Jenny Miller

People First (Scotland)

Rhona Neill

People First (Scotland)

Keith Lynch

Regional Transport Partnerships

Alex Macauley replaced by Ranald Robertson


Patrick Nyamurundira

Scottish Accessible Transport Alliance

Mike Harrison

Scottish Commission for Learning Disability

Andy Miller

Scottish Disability Equality Forum

Susan Grasekamp

Society of Chief Officers of Transportation in Scotland

Ewan Wallace

Spinal Injuries Scotland

Clare Byrne

Transport Scotland

Accessible transport policy team

In addition, representatives from the following organisations were part of subgroups preparing actions for Part 7 of this Framework:



Community Transport Association

Sheila Fletcher

First Group

John Birtwistle

Lothian Buses

Simon Wallis

Lothian Buses

Sarah O'Donnell

McGill's Buses

Colin Napier

Northlink Ferries

James Linklater


Graham Dunn


Mark Whitelocks