Going Further: Scotland’s Accessible Travel Framework

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Ministerial Foreword


Structure of the Framework

Part 1: What We Want to Achieve
Delivery of vision and outcomes

Part 2: Why We Need an Accessible Travel Framework
The rights of disabled people
The experiences of disabled people
What the statistics tell us

Part 3: Our Approach to Developing an Accessible Travel Framework
Listening to concerns
Encouraging conversations
Working together to tackle the issues

Part 4: How the Framework Fits in the Bigger Picture
Equality and human rights
Linked Government policies and legislation

Part 5: Where We are Now in Transport
Overarching transport policy
Engagement, advocacy, advice and guidance
Transport providers
Disability organisations
Travel information and journey-planning support
Assistance and support when making journeys

Part 6: How We Will Deliver this Framework
Changing cultures
In society
In transport
Maintaining good governance
At the national level
At the local and regional levels
Ensuring continuous engagement and participation
Longitudinal study
Accessible travel hub – accessibletravel.scot
Other ways to engage and participate
Transport accessibility Framework

Part 7: High-Level Action Plan

Appendix 1: Measurement of outcomes

Appendix 2: List of issues

Appendix 3: Transport accessibility Steering Group membership

Appendix 4: Glossary

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