Structure of the Framework

Structure of the Framework

Part 1 describes what we want to achieve by way of our agreed vision and outcomes.

Part 2 covers why it is important to have a National Accessible Travel Framework for Scotland. This part includes statistical evidence, references to research and also includes the evidence from the lived experiences of disabled people planning a journey and travelling around scotland.

Part 3 tells how we put the Framework together in the approach we took and will continue to take in the implementation of this Framework.

Part 4 describes the strategic context for the Framework – that is the wider political, economic, legislative and policy context.

Part 5 explains the transport context including by providing examples of what we do now in transport accessibility.

Part 6 describes the proposed governance process to ensure that action is being taken and is making a difference and the engagement process to ensure that disabled people continue
to be included.

Finally, Part 7 sets out the high-level action plan which will be monitored, reviewed and revised at two to three-year intervals over the course of the framework's 10-year span.

There are also Appendices at the back of the document which give some more detail and information on things like the issues raised by disabled people and the membership of the transport accessibility steering group that produced this document.

A glossary of relevant terms is also provided.