New Roads and Street Works Act 1991: Code of Practice for the Co-ordination of Works in Roads

Appnedix B

Terms of Reference for Area RAUCs and Local Co-ordination Meetings

B1 Model Terms of Reference for Area RAUCs

B1.1 Terms of Reference

(1) To report to RAUC(S);

(2) To act as the area focus for RAUC(S);

(3) To provide a forum for discussion on issues relevant on an area basis;

(4) To review straightforward local disputes brought to it and reach decisions. Where decisions are not accepted by the parties the dispute shall be referred to the RAUC(S);

(5) To monitor the performance regionally of both the undertakers and the road works authorities under NRSWA;

(6) To refer local initiatives to RAUC(S) for recommended adoption nationally;

(7) To promote mutually beneficial good working practices in the light of RAUC(S) policy and current legislation; and

(8) To deal with specific remits from RAUC(S) within required timescales and to report back to RAUC(S) on these.

B1.2 Constitution

(1) Representatives will be appointed by the undertaker and road works authorities. An employee of the road works authority or undertaker should attend meetings rather than the contractor/agent. Representatives from other organisations such as contractors may be invited to meetings with observer status at the discretion of the Area RAUC. The Scottish Road Works Commissioner has a standing invitation to be represented;

(2) The Chairmanship and secretariat shall rotate between the undertaker and/or road works authorities or by arrangement locally. A line of succession is established with the next Chair being designated as Vice Chair;

(3) All organisations will be able to submit matters for inclusion on the agenda for meetings;

(4) Meetings will be held normally on a quarterly basis, or at the request of the Joint Chairmen (or Secretaries if local arrangements allow);

(5) Members may send substitutes to meetings and additional members may be co-opted when necessary;

(6) The Area RAUCs may set up working parties and sub-groups to work on particular subjects; and

(7) The Area RAUCs will elect their 3 local road works authority representatives to attend RAUC(S).

B1.3 Frequency of Meetings


B2 Model Terms of Reference for Local Liaison/Co-ordination Meetings

B2.1 Terms of Reference

To co-ordinate works on roads to minimise inconvenience to road users, involving:

(a) consideration of both road works authorities' and undertakers' specific major projects;

(b) medium term and annual programmes (both capital and maintenance) for works for road purposes and road works;

(c) local policies affecting road works, including traffic management proposals;

(d) reviewing performance at local level, including damage prevention; and

(e) road works permissions.

Wider issues will be referred up to the Area RAUC.

B2. Membership

Representatives may come from any undertaker or road works authority. As the occasion requires, the representatives from adjacent road works authorities, the local planning authority, the Police, Emergency Services, disabled groups or others may attend.

B3. Frequency of Meetings