New Roads and Street Works Act 1991: Code of Practice for the Co-ordination of Works in Roads

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Version Date Notes
1.0 April 2013 Published by Scottish Government following approval by the RAUC(S) Co-ordination Working Group

ISBN 978 1 908181 78 7

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Chapter 1 Introduction

Chapter 2 Co-ordination and Co-operation in Action
2.1 Introduction
2.2 The Process
2.3 Planning
2.4 Information - The Key to Co-ordination
2.5 Co-ordination Considerations
2.6 Discussion and Co-operation
2.7 Co-ordination Machinery
2.8 Forward Planning
2.9 Collaborative Working
2.10 Other Statutory Obligations

Chapter 3 The Scottish Road Works Register
3.1 Background
3.2 General Arrangements for the Keeping of the SRWR
3.3 Form of SRWR
3.4 Contents of SRWR
3.5 National Street Gazetteer and Associated Data
3.6 Prospectively Maintainable Roads

Chapter 4 Roads Subject to Special Controls
4.1 General
4.2 Protected Roads
4.3 Roads with Special Engineering Difficulties
4.4 Traffic Sensitive Roads
4.5 Procedure for Making Designations
4.6 Procedure for Withdrawing Designations
4.7 Other Features of the Road

Chapter 5 Works Categories and Notice Requirements
5.1 Works Notices and Notice Periods
5.2 Definition for each Works Category
5.3 Minimum Notice Periods for each Works Category Noticing
5.4 Notice Types and Timing Issues
5.5 Reinstatement Definition
5.6 Remedial Works
5.7 Other Notice Types and General Noticing Issues
5.8 Information Required Enabling a Notice to be Recorded Correctly on SRWR
5.9 Early and Late Start Consent and Works Extension Procedure
5.10 Other Requirements
5.11 Notice Procedure - Trench Sharing
5.12 Failure of the Scottish Road Works Register
5.13 Legal Provision for Notices

Chapter 6 Restrictions Following Substantial Works for Road Purposes
6.1 Background
6.2 Substantial Works for Road Purposes - Definition
6.3 Restriction Notices
6.4 Exemptions
6.5 Severable Works
6.6 Policy Guidance
6.7 Early Starts
6.8 Road Works Authority Consent to Works on Roads with Restrictions

Chapter 7 Directions
7.1 Directions under Section 115 of NRSWA
7.2 Section 115A: Power to give Direction as to the Placing of Apparatus

Chapter 8 The Completion of Works within Reasonable Periods

Chapter 9 Procedure for Embargoes on Road Works
9.1 Introduction
9.2 The Statutory Position
9.3 Statutory Embargoes
9.4 Voluntary Embargoes
9.5 Use of the Scottish Road Works Register
9.6 Emergency and Urgent Works

Chapter 10 Composite Works by More than One Organisation
10.1 Background
10.2 Process

Chapter 11 Related Matters
11.1 Location of Works and Apparatus - Exchange of Information
11.2 Prospectively Maintainable Roads
11.3 Road Closures and Traffic Restrictions
11.4 Maintenance of Undertakers' Apparatus
11.5 Major Works for Road Purposes - Sharing of Costs
11.6 Other Publications
11.7 Working near Rail Tracks and Tramways
11.8 Vehicle Parking at Road Works
11.9 Storing Materials
11.10 Apparatus Belonging to Others
11.11 Environmental Issues
11.12 Fixed Penalty Notices

Chapter 12 Training
12.1 Duty to Ensure Competence of Employees
12.2 The Qualification Notice (not yet operative)

Appendix A Glossary

Appendix B Terms of Reference for Area RAUCs and Local Co-ordination Meetings

Appendix C Guidelines for Works at or near Level Crossing

Appendix D Notice Procedure Diagrams

Appendix E Early and Late Start Consent and Works Extension Procedures

Appendix F Paper Transfer of Notices

Appendix G Legal Provision for Notices


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