Reported Road Casualties Scotland 2010


Scottish Transport Statistics Annual. This compendium publication covers transport statistics in Scotland relating to road transport, bus and coach travel road freight, the road network, traffic, Injury road accidents, rail, air & water transport, finance, personal and cross-modal travel, and includes international comparisons.

Latest edition: provides figures up to 2009, published December 2010.

Transport and Travel in Scotland Annual. A new publication which combines Main Transport Trends and Household Transport publications. Summarises a broad range of transport statistics including road vehicles, traffic, casualties, bus and rail passengers, road and rail freight, air and water transport and personal travel as well as providing some comparisons with GB figures. Further breakdowns of Scottish Household Survey transport data including households' access to cars and bikes, frequency of driving, modes of travel to work and school, use and opinions of public transport and access to services are also presented.

Latest edition: provides figures up to 2010, published August 2011 Web only

SHS Transport: Local Area Analysis Biennial. Provides SHS information over two-year periods for Local Authorities and Regional Transport Partnership areas.

Latest edition: provides figures for 2007/2008, published March 2010 Web tables only

Scottish Household Survey Travel Diary results Biennial. Provides details of journeys made collected via the Travel Diary. Includes purposes for travel, distances, the times of day at which trips start, duration of journeys, days of the week and car occupancy levels.

Latest edition: figures up to 2009, trends since 1999; published November 2010. Web only

National Travel Survey Scottish Results Biennial. These web-tables provides trends on the average number of journeys and average distance travelled per person per year, including average journey length, main mode of travel, journey purpose.

Latest edition: figures up to 2007/2008; published in April 2010 Web only

Bus and Coach Statistics Biennial. Presents Department for Transport statistics on bus and coach operators, and some related Scottish Household Survey (SHS) results. Includes: vehicle kms, patronage levels, fare indices; passenger receipts; public transport support and concessionary fare reimbursement; adults' frequency of use of local bus services; views on aspects of bus services; travel to work by bus; reasons for not using buses; safety on buses; concessionary travel passes.

Latest edition: figures up to 2009-10; published April 2011 Web only

Key Road Accident Statistics Annual. Provisional figures on accidents, casualties by severity, casualties by type of road, casualties by mode of transport, and child casualties, including trends in recent years and progress towards the casualty reduction targets for the year 2010. Also figures by Police Force and local authority.

Latest edition: provides figures up to 2010; published in June 2011 Web only

Main Transport Trends Annual. A summary bulletin containing trends for each mode of transport over the past ten years including Scottish Household Survey transport results. Includes comparisons with Great Britain and some longer-term historical series.

Latest edition: provides figures up to 2009, published August 2010 Web only

Household Transport in 2009 Annual. Provides detailed information on Scottish Household Survey relating to travel attitudes and behaviour. Including: availability of cars; driving licence possession, frequency of driving & walking; travel to work and travel to school.

Latest edition: provides figures up to 2009, published September 2010. Web only

Cycle Training in Primary Schools Research

This case study research explores the barriers to delivering on-road cycle training in eleven Scottish primary schools. It explores the experiences of these schools in planning, delivering and sustaining cycle training, including how some schools have overcome obstacles to introducing sustainable on-road cycle training programmes.

The 'National Debate on Young Drivers' Safety'.

This report presents the findings of a national debate on young driver safety undertaken across Scotland. It has been undertaken to meet a commitment in Scotland's Road Safety Framework to "conduct a public debate on young driver issues including graduated licences and additional training".