Reported Road Casualties Scotland 2010


This list covers errors which occurred in the preparation of the tables or the commentary in Reported Road Casualties Scotland.

We apologise for the following errors, which we have found in the previous edition.

Summary page 10 The number of fatal accidents fell by 31% not 38% and fatal and serious accidents fell by 38% not 32%.

Table 5.5 (c) The second part of the table (page 94) repeated 1994-98 averages instead of showing 2005-09 averages.

Table 36 2009 trunk road figures were missing from the table (page 147).

Revised electronic versions of these tables are available online. Tables in this edition include corrected figures, if they are time-series tables that include years for which the previous edition's figures were wrong.

Any problems or inconveniences resulting from these errors are regretted.