Review of the Transport Scotland Website

Vanessa Chan, Simon Duke and Jane MacLardie
Ipsos MORI

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Executive Summary

Chapter 1: Introduction
Chapter 2: Methodology
Chapter 3: Profile of Transport Scotland Website Users
Chapter 4: Role of the Homepage
Chapter 5: Website Design
Chapter 6: Finding Information
Chapter 7: Content
Chapter 8: Interest in Website Features
Chapter 9: Comparison with Other Governmental Websites
Chapter 10: Conclusions
Chapter 11: Recommendations


Appendix 1: Online Survey Questionnaire
Appendix 2: A Guide to Statistical Reliability
Appendix 3: Usability Testing Discussion Guide
Appendix 4: Task Review
Appendix 5: Key Stakeholder Discussion Guide
Appendix 6: Accessibility Audit Report

Published Date 27 Feb 2009 Type Topic