9. Managing Risk

Scottish Trunk Road Network Asset Management Strategy: November 2018

9. Managing Risk

Our corporate and asset management systems are aligned to manage risk and deliver a resilient and secure service.

We will continue to work towards achieving a more resilient trunk road network to improve safety and minimise impacts on customers.

How do we manage risk?

Risk is relevant to all parts of our business and a consistent and integrated approach is used across all Transport Scotland Directorates supporting the successful delivery of our strategic objectives.

Our corporate Risk Management Strategy aligns risk management across Transport Scotland, setting out a clear system for identifying, managing and mitigating risk. Critical risks are managed at a strategic level in the organisation, reflecting their importance.

The management of current and future risks associated with our assets are embedded within our overall approach to asset management. Strategic, tactical and operational risks are included, along with appropriate mitigation measures.

How do we work towards ensuring a resilient road network?

The focus of our resilience planning is more than the 'day-to-day' resilience of our network but includes how we manage incidents on the trunk road network to minimise any impact and enable an appropriate and timely planned response. This supports our aim of minimising disruption to road users and improving the safety of journeys on our network. We work closely with our Operating Companies, other transport operators such as Scotrail and agencies such as the Met Office and Police Scotland and contribute to the Scottish Government's resilience response arrangements.

How are we managing key risks from our environment?

  • We ensure natural and physical environments are protected, maintained and, where practicable, enhanced across all activities, including carrying out our statutory duties under legislation.
  • We have developed our Climate Change Adaptation and Resilience Plans to minimise future disruption and ensure that the Scottish Trunk Road Network is resilient to the potential impacts of a changing climate. All of our activities are carried out in line with the current and future Scottish Climate Change Adaptation Plan (SCCAP). This work is supplemented with close co-operation with national and international research.
  • Flood risk management – we work with other agencies such as the Scottish Environment Protection Agency and local authorities to support Local Flood Risk Management Plans. This is augmented by our Disruption Risk Management process, which identifies risk areas, mitigation planning and improvements.
  • Managing the impact of landslides and rock falls – whilst difficult to prevent, a programme of detailed research has allowed us to identify areas of concern and prioritise preventative or responsive actions.
  • High winds – our major bridges are covered by high wind management plans which ensure the safety of users and minimise recovery times.
  • Winter service plans are reviewed annually to ensure precautionary treatments and responses to snow and ice events can be deployed effectively.

What plans do we have for the future?

We use data to ensure that decisions are robust and transparent and will continue to take advantage of new sources of data to enhance our approach to managing risk. Our asset management approach is based upon our alignment with Transport Scotland's corporate objectives, legislative requirements, and corporate approach to risk and management of risk. We will continue to review this approach in line with Scottish Government requirements and best practice, making enhancements where these improve the management and monitoring of risk.