Seatbelt and Mobile Phone Usage Survey Scotland, 2014


This bulletin provides statistics on the proportion of drivers observed wearing seatbelts and using mobile phones whilst driving in Scotland from a roadside observation survey commissioned jointly by Transport Scotland and the Department for Transport.

The 2014 seatbelt survey resulted in 7,732 vehicle occupants being observed in Scotland, whilst the mobile phone survey recorded the behaviour of 13,493 drivers.

Key Findings

  • The proportion of car drivers observed using their seatbelt correctly in 2014 was 97.8%, an increase from the 95% recorded in 2009.
  • The seatbelt wearing rate amongst rear seat car passengers has increased from 88% in 2009 to 99.0% in 2014.
  • The proportion of car drivers observed using a mobile phone whilst driving was 1.3% at moving (free-flowing) sites and 1.6% at stationary (traffic light controlled junction) sites.
  • The mobile usage rate at moving sites by drivers of 'Other vehicles' (vans, lorries, buses, coaches and mini-buses) was notably higher (2.9%) compared to car drivers.
  • Drivers were more likely to be witnessed with a mobile phone in their hand than at their ear.