Seatbelt and Mobile Phone Usage Survey Scotland, 2014

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1. Introduction

1.1 The Law
1.2 Existing Research
1.3 2014 Seatbelt and Mobile Phone Survey

2. Methodology

2.1 Site Selection
2.2 Data Collection
2.3 Weighting and Analysis
2.4 Comparability
2.5 Limitations

3. Seatbelt Survey Results

3.1 Overview of Observations
3.2 Overall Seatbelt Use
3.3 Seatbelt Use by Gender
3.4 Seatbelt Use by Age
3.5 Seatbelt Use by Area and Road Type
3.6 Seatbelt Use by Time of Day
3.7 Seatbelt Use by Time of Week

4. Mobile Phone Survey Results

4.1 Overview of Observations
4.2 Overall Mobile Phone Use
4.3 Mobile Phone Use by Vehicle Type
4.4 Mobile Phone Use by Gender
4.5 Mobile Phone Use by Age
4.6 Mobile Phone Use by Area and Road Type
4.7 Mobile Phone Use by Time of Day
4.8 Mobile Phone Use by Time of Week

5. Conclusions

5.1 Seatbelt Survey
5.2 Mobile Phone Survey

6. References

Appendix A.
Additional Seatbelt Survey Tables

Appendix B.
Additional Mobile Phone Survey Tables

Appendix C.
Survey Site Details

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