Appendix 1: Further Data Sources and References Used and Reviewed

Appendix 1: Further Data Sources and References Used and Reviewed

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2. Scottish Government Social Research Report on "Understanding why Some People Do Not Use Buses", 2010

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4. Research on Oyster, including PwC team experience with Oyster 2002-2008

5. Research on Octopus:

  • PwC team experience working with Octopus
  • Reference data on Octopus,

6. DfT Strategy for Smart and Integrated Ticketing, December 2009,

7. First Scot Rail Pilot:

8. SPT ITT on Subway ticketing procurement, October 2009

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10. ITSO Development Status

  • ITSO Board meeting on 28th April 2011 is due to consider a new business plan

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15. National Entitlement Card implementation history in Scotland

16. Research on ITSO implementations and trials

17. Firstgroup Bus

18. Lothian Buses

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20. Research on Dublin Smart card

21. Consult Hyperion experience of Netherlands OV Chipkaart project

22. Japanese Suica scheme

23. Japanese Pasmo scheme

24. Argentinian Monedero scheme

25. Research on Sydney smart card

  • PwC experience of procurement of smart card ticketing for Sydney, 2009

26. Research on games and transport ticketing:

  • PwC team experience of smart cards used during Turin 2006
  • PwC experience of ticketing for Beijing 2008, and supporting research, e.g. at
  • PwC experience of Melbourne 2006
  • PwC experience of Sydney 2000
  • Plans for London 2012 ticketing – and Locog announcement in Jan 2010 that games tickets will not be used as Oyster cards.