Section 2: Completing an Expression of Interest Form

What is an Expression of Interest (EoI) form?

The Expression of Interest form is the principal method for drawing up the tender short list for a project. It forms the first part of a restricted two stage tendering exercise. It allows social research procurers to identify what skills, resources, and capacity an interested organisation can bring to an advertised project. To ensure that we achieve value for money when awarding a contract it is essential that we can select from a sufficient number of competent, financially sound suppliers with adequate capacity to undertake the work.

The EoI form is a 'backwards looking' exercise highlighting what existing qualities and skills a contractor can bring to a job. The form is similar to the Post Qualification Questionnaire (PQQ) used by Scottish Procurement Directorate (SPD) and other procurers of public sector contracts.

Why is the EoI form structured in this way?

EU Procurement rules allow procurers of goods and services to collect 3 types of information on contractors when drawing up a shortlist of those invited to tender: financial capacity, technical capacity and ability to carry out the project. We have developed the Expression of Information form to allow us to consistently collect this information from contractors when drawing up such a list. The document is divided into a number of distinct sections:
A - Project Of Interest (Title of project);
B - Background Information (contact details of your organisation);
C - Relevant Qualifications And Experience (expertise of staff and details of relevant recent work);
D - Financial Status (financial information about your organisation; only for projects over £200,000).

How much information should I provide?

The completed form should not exceed 3 pages including the Transport Scotland text and frames. It is also worth noting that your responses to the questions in Section C should be restricted to approximately 100 words each.

Do I need to provide financial information about my organisation?

For procurement of most projects over £200,000 we also require financial information about your organisation (if applicable please see details on form). If applicable, you should submit one copy of your organisation's audited accounts (or equivalent) and the accounts of your group (if any) for the last 2 years in English and in UK Sterling together with details of any significant changes since the last year end. Copies of the accounts should be signed and dated by Directors and auditors (preferably scanned, if being submitted electronically) or marked as draft. We do not require educational institutions (and / or departments and units based in these institutions) to provide this information.

This information will be used by the Transport Scotland's Accountancy Services Team to carry out a financial assessment of all interested organisations. The financial assessment is to alert us to any contractor who may have financial difficulties which could endanger their ability to perform the contract.

Can the information I provide on the form be released under Freedom of Information?

Yes. All information submitted in the Expression of Interest form (including your identity) may need to be disclosed and/or published by Transport Scotland following a request under the Freedom of Information (Scotland) Act. If you consider that any of the information included in this form is commercially confidential please identify it and explain (in broad terms) what harm might result from disclosure and/or publication. It should be remembered though, that, even where you have indicated that information is commercially sensitive, Scottish Ministers may disclose this information where they see fit. Receipt by the Scottish Ministers of any material marked 'confidential' or equivalent should not be taken to mean that the Scottish Ministers accept any duty of confidence by virtue of that marking.

How will the information I provide be assessed?

Once the closing date for expressions of interest has passed, all completed forms will be assessed by the research manager. Particular attention will be given to relevant previous experience and your capacity to carry out the work, so it is important that the information you provide is applicable to the requirements and criteria outlined in the form and in the accompanying advertisement.

Only a limited number of contractors will be invited to tender and the submission of an expression of interest should not be taken as a guarantee of inclusion on the shortlist. Those who are not being invited to tender will be notified.

Further information

If you have any further queries about completing the form please contact the project manager listed on the Expression of Interest form.