Section 5: Payment Procedures

EASEbuy eProcurement is our main purchasing tool in conducting business with you.

  • After being awarded a contract and returning your signed contract with your BACS payment details and contact information, you will be issued with a Purchase Order. This will be emailed to you directly. Please keep this information safe as you need to quote the Purchase Order number on all invoices.
  • Ensure that all invoices for the Transport Scotland are sent to the invoice address on the purchase order note (this address is for a central invoice processing team established to help speed up payments). Also send a copy of the invoice to your project manager, but clearly marked 'copy'.
  • When issuing your invoice to us, make sure it quotes the Purchase Order number. Without it, we cannot carry out a matching process and release your invoice for payment. As a result the invoice may have to be returned to you for re-issue quoting the Purchase Order number. This will delay payment to your business.
  • Your Purchase Order number will be renewed each financial year (i.e. 1 April-31 March). You will receive this in an email at the start at the start of the new financial year. Please ensure you update your Purchase Order number and quote the correct one on your invoice.
  • If by some chance a Purchase Order number is not supplied, contact the project manager who will arrange for one to be issued.

For further information contact Transport Scotland Finance and Analytical Services on 0131 244 7265 or Email: