9 Next Steps  

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9 Next Steps

The output of this Work Package is a strategic assessment of the transport network, including historic trends, features of the current situation, and demand forecasts to the year 2022. These forecasts assume that existing transport trends and known policies are maintained.

The next stage in the review is to define the specific expectations and objectives for the future of the transport network, taking into consideration this assessment, and the wider policy objectives of the Government. Options for interventions which meet these expectations and objectives will then be generated and appraised.

The future Work Packages are categorised as follows:

  • determine expectations, gaps and shortfalls - this will focus on a review of relevant policies and strategies that set the context for the Strategic Transport Projects Review and establish national objectives as well as specific objectives for the Urban Networks, Strategic Nodes and corridors;
  • identify potential interventions to meet the expectations, and test these against the stated objectives as part of an initial sifting process;
  • appraise candidate interventions using the Scottish Transport Appraisal Guidance framework; and
  • assess the environmental impacts of the interventions from a strategic perspective.

The outputs from the Strategic Transport Projects Review will allow the Scottish Government to determine its future priorities for investment in the transport network, to ensure that sustainable economic growth can be delivered to allow all of Scotland to share in increased prosperity.