Strategic Transport Projects Review Report 1: Review of Current and Future Network Performance

Strategic Transport Projects Review Report 1: Review of Current and Future Network Performance

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Report Acronyms

1 Introduction
1.1 Purpose of Study
1.2 The Structure of the Report
1.3 Setting the Policy Context

2 Defining and Describing the National Strategic Transport Network
2.1 Context
2.2 The National Strategic Transport Network
2.3 Urban Networks and Strategic Nodes

3 Performance Assessment Methodology
3.1 Defining the Performance Indicators
3.2 Future Demand Scenarios
3.3 Review of Data Sources

4 Analysis across Corridors, Urban Networks and Strategic Nodes
4.1 Introduction
4.2 Socio-Economic ‘Drivers’
4.3 Strategic Transport Structure
4.4 Travel Demand
4.5 Improving Journey Times and Connections
4.6 Reducing Emissions and Noise
4.7 Improving Quality, Safety, Accessibility and Affordability
4.8 Summary of Performance

5 Performance of the Urban Networks
5.1 Aberdeen
5.2 Dundee
5.3 Edinburgh
5.4 Glasgow

6 Performance of the Strategic Nodes
6.1 Inverness
6.2 Perth

7 Performance of the Corridors
7.1 Corridor 1: Inverness to Wick / Thurso and Northern Isles
7.2 Corridor 2: Inverness to Ullapool and Western Isles
7.3 Corridor 3: Inverness to Fort William and Western Isles
7.4 Corridor 4: Aberdeen to Inverness
7.5 Corridor 5: Dundee to Aberdeen
7.6 Corridor 6: Inverness to Perth
7.7 Corridor 7: Glasgow to Oban / Fort William and Western Isles
7.8 Corridor 8: Aberdeen to North East Scotland
7.9 Corridor 9: Glasgow to Perth
7.10 Corridor 10: Edinburgh to Stirling
7.11 Corridor 11: Perth to Dundee
7.12 Corridor 12: Edinburgh to Perth
7.13 Corridor 13: Glasgow to Edinburgh
7.14 Corridor 14: Edinburgh to Dundee
7.15 Corridor 15: Glasgow to Stranraer and South West
7.16 Corridor 16: Stranraer to North West England and beyond
7.17 Corridor 17: Glasgow to Inverclyde and Islands
7.18 Corridor 18: Glasgow to North West England and beyond
7.19 Corridor 19: Edinburgh to North West England and beyond
7.20 Corridor 20: Edinburgh to North East England and beyond

8 Summary
8.1 Introduction
8.2 Existing Transport Infrastructure
8.3 Socio-economic context
8.4 National perspective
8.5 Regional perspective
8.6 The journey to work
8.7 Journey time reliability
8.8 Emissions
8.9 Conclusion

9 Next Steps

Technical Reference

Appendix A – Areas of Economic Activity Technical Note
Appendix B – Map showing the RTP areas
Appendix C – International Comparisons


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