Task 2a – Review of UK Street Works Study

The UK Street Works (UKSW) study is focused on the waste classification of utilities excavations which include AWCCT but also on other road construction wastes following sector discussions on waste classification and management regarding the Environment Agency’s Regulatory Position Statement 211.   The UKSW study and approach has cross-over with the SRRB study in terms of managing and identifying AWCCT, however, it focuses on smaller scale utility works than the SRRB project and hence, is not directly comparable. There is however, the potential for the study to provide further supporting information that may inform the outcome of the SRRB project approach.

It is understood that the UKSW study faced similar regulatory challenges and delays due to Covid, however, the Environment Agency released an update to RPS211 in February 2021 which is scheduled to be enacted from June 2022. This update allows a potentially more pragmatic approach to be taken by utilities companies and contractors during emergency works with regards to the waste management of excavation arisings.  Since the release of the updated RPS211, Jacobs has held discussions with the UKSW study lead and had sight of a draft paper to be circulated to the industry relating to the testing of utilities wastes. There has however, been no formal issue of the UKSW study to date.  Whilst the draft document will no doubt be of interest to the SRRB members, the testing recommendations focus on smaller scale emergency works that may not be directly relevant to the more general road replacement schemes where more detailed assessments are not cost prohibitive.