Transport Scotland Scottish Trunk Road Infrastructure Project Evaluation - 1YA Evaluation Report for A77(T) Park End to Bennane

1 Summary of impacts

This section provides a short summary of the key elements contained within this One Year After Opening Evaluation report of the A77(T) Park End to Bennane scheme.

1.1 Operational Indicators - How is the scheme operating?

Traffic flows on the A77(T) in the vicinity of the scheme are broadly consistent with those forecast and assessed within the business case for the scheme. Post-opening surveys of speed and overtaking conditions suggest the scheme is operating as expected. Fewer platoons of vehicles are exiting the survey site than entering due to the improved overtaking opportunities.

1.2 Process Indicators - How well was the scheme implemented?

Process Indicators provide evaluation across the key elements of project cost, programme and process.

The scheme followed standard processes but was delivered 3 months behind programme in July 2011 due to delays associated with adverse winter weather experienced during construction.

A Stage 4 RSA was carried out and confirmed that no accidents have occurred in the period 1 year after opening.

No Cycle or Disability Discrimination Act (DDA) Audit was carried out as no relevant user groups were identified in this rural scheme.

1.3 Objectives - Is the scheme on track to meet its objectives?

The scheme's objectives, in relation to the operation of the scheme, focussed on the improvement and increase in the number of overtaking opportunities and improving the level of service and safety by reducing the effects of driver stress and journey times on this section of the A77(T).

The nature of the scheme (overtaking lanes provided in both northbound and southbound directions) will provide enhanced overtaking opportunities. Journey time data is not available for the scheme, but taking vehicle speed data as a proxy suggests journey times are consistent with average speeds to be expected on this route.

The scheme is operating safely in its first year of operation, with no reported accidents.

1.4 Costs to Government - Is the scheme delivering value for money?

In conjunction with the Route Action Plan for the A77(T) corridor, the Park End to Bennane project forms part of a series of improvements that can be expected to provide benefits to transport users and help encourage economic development within south west Scotland and beyond. In particular, the scheme helps to promote reliable access to key ferry terminals in the region.

The Net Present Value (NPV) and Benefit to Cost Ratio (BCR) for this scheme may be less than those predicted at the time of assessment as datasets used in the assessment (such as observed overtaking levels) did not represent typical route conditions due to the presence of roadworks on the A77(T) during the data collection phase of the scheme's appraisal.