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Summary report - Public exhibitions - January 2018 - Pitlochry to Killiecrankie - A9 Dualling

6 Aug 2018

A summary of the Draft Orders exhibitions and any feedback received in the Pitlochry Town Hall on 17 and 18 January 2018

SQUIRE Q1 2018-19 percentage performance figures

3 Aug 2018

SQUIRE reports provide a general overview of rail performance for the year.

SQUIRE all trains report - 3 August 2018

3 Aug 2018

SQUIRE all stations report - 3 August 2018

3 Aug 2018

SQUIRE reports provide a general overview of rail performance for the year

Free Bus Travel for Older and Disabled People and Modern Apprentices - Analysis of Responses to the Consultation

2 Aug 2018

Quarterly newsletter No. 10 - 2018 - AWPR

1 Aug 2018

Aberdeen Roads Limited is committed to keeping local communities and businesses informed of its progress on the AWPR/B-T.

Draft Orders Public Exhibition Summary Report - Glen Garry to Dalwhinnie to Crubenmore - A9 Dualling

4 Jul 2018

A summary of the Glen Garry to Dalwhinnie and the Dalwhinnie to Crubenmore Draft Orders Public Exhibitions, 17-18 Jan 2018

Evaluation of the Potential Impacts of Increasing Speed Limits for HGVs in Scotland

2 Jul 2018

This report considers the potential impacts on Transport Economic Efficiency of an increase in the speed limit for HGVs on single carriageway and dual carriageway roads in Scotland

A9 HGV 50mph Speed Limit Pilot - Evaluation Final Report

2 Jul 2018

An increased speed limit of 50 mph for HGVs came into force on single carriageway sections of the A9 between Perth and Inverness in October 2014 - this report outlines the research findings of the effects of that speed limit change

The Scottish Ministers' Guidance to the Office of Rail and Road

11 Jun 2018

The June 2018 Guidance to the ORR explains the context, objectives and approach of the Scottish Ministers for Scotland’s Railways.

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