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Transport and Child Poverty

10 Jun 2021

The report summarises the findings from a qualitative research project investigating the transport barriers facing families and young people living in poverty.

Planning applications quarterly report - April 2021

7 Jun 2021

Transport Scotland's performance responding to planning consultations is monitored, and results are published on a quarterly basis.

Corporate Social Responsibility Report 2020 - A9 Dualling - Luncarty to Pass of Birnam Project

19 May 2021

The A9 Dualling: Luncarty to Pass of Birnam project continues to deliver strong community benefits by overcoming the unprecedented challenges in 2020, to deliver on a substantial proportion of its community benefits targets.

Coronavirus and Progress Toward Establishing Low Emission Zones

19 May 2021

Report on how progress has been impeded by coronavirus and focusing on the impact Low Emission Zones would have on the public health response to the pandemic.

People Survey 2020

7 May 2021

Our annual staff survey results for 2020

Preliminary Engineering Services - DMRB Stage 1 Assessment - A83 Access to Argyll and Bute

29 Apr 2021

Design Manual for Roads and Bridges Stage 1 Assessment Report for the A83 Access to Argyll and Bute project

Strategic Environmental Assessment (SEA) - A83 Access to Argyll and Bute

29 Apr 2021

Jacobs / AECOM was commissioned by Transport Scotland to undertake a Strategic Environmental Assessment for the A83 Access to Argyll and Bute project

Salt Group situation report

27 Apr 2021

The latest Salt Group situation report

STAG Appraisal - Case for Change Report - March 2021 - A9 - North Kessock to Tore study

24 Mar 2021

Review of both current and future operations, taking account of potential and future developments within the surrounding area

Modern Apprentices Travel and Travel Costs

24 Mar 2021

Analysis of questions on travel and transport costs included in Skills Development Scotland's Modern Apprentices survey, undertaken in 2019, before the Covid-19 pandemic

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