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Borders Railway Year 2 Evaluation – Main Report

26 Feb 2018

The aim of this research was to complete a repeat of the Stage 1 Evaluation two years after the re-opening of the Borders Railway

Borders Railway Year 2 Evaluation – Headline Findings Report

26 Feb 2018

The primary aim of this research is to build upon the results of the Stage 1 Evaluation (completed in 2016) and further develop understanding of the extent to which the Borders Railway is on track to meet its Investment Objectives

Cost Benchmarking - Phase 2

23 Feb 2018

This report is a follow-up to the report titled Cost Benchmarking - Phase 1 Final Report, dated 31 July 2017, which primarily looked at establishing annual Baseline Unit Costs (BUCs) for ten different carriageway treatments carried out by Scottish Local Authorities.

Site Proximity Warning Systems

15 Feb 2018

Scottish Road Research Board (SRRB) commissioned an investigation into how safety on road construction projects can be improved using site proximity warning systems (PWS). These systems use innovative technology to create safe working environments by reducing the risk of accidental collisions between plant/ site vehicles and operatives as well as valuable assets.

Call for Evidence: Summary Report - January 2018 - Research and Evidence Working Group - National Transport Strategy Review

30 Jan 2018

A summary of responses to the Call for Evidence for the National Transport Strategy Review

Dealing with coal tar bound arisings

9 Jan 2018

Second and more detailed phase of research study to produce updated national guidance for all roads authorities and statutory undertakers on to deal safely and cost effectively with tar bound arisings.

Carbon Account For Transport Volume 9, 2017

18 Dec 2017

The Carbon Account for Transport provides a balance sheet for Scotland’s greenhouse gas emissions between 1990 and 2015, and the impacts of transport related policies and projects expected to affect these emissions

Route Safety Strategy

9 Nov 2017

Research project to investigate whether there are any policies, strategies or mitigations adopted within Norway and Sweden which, historically, have a better record of road safety than Scotland that could influence road safety trends in Scotland.

Trials of Brine Spreading Performance on Scotland’s Roads: Phase 3

27 Oct 2017

Phase 3 of study to carry out further trials to investigate the use of brine-only for snow treatmentsand various ‘blended’ liquids that are effective at preventing ice on carriageways.

Consultation on the Financial Accounting Arrangements for Regional Transport Partnerships

20 Oct 2017

This consultation seeks views on whether it is necessary to clarify the extent to which RTPs are able to retain a financial reserve. It also seeks views on whether any surplus or deficit carried forward from one financial year to the next should be subject to any limit. Finally, this consultation seeks views on what safeguards local authorities ought to have in limiting their contribution towards the expenses of a RTP.

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