Ardrossan Harbour and Troon upgrade projects – communications planner

Projects and priorities

Troon port – video

  • Produce video of port layout
  • Publish on ABP website, social media and various media channels

Lead owner: ABP

Outcome: Completed

Ardrossan Project – Tender Stage

  • Steering/Technical Group meetings to resume
  • Tender documentation to be drafted
  • Invitation to Tender document to be published on procurement portal, links to information on TS website, including PPG and NAC notices

Lead owner: PPG

Outcome: Mobilisation to tender stage commenced April 2022. This process will be conducted over a number of months with progress updates to follow.

Ardrossan Project – CFL Public Consultation on Troon Timetables

  • Consult and engage with communities - Arran/Ardrossan and Campbeltown
  • Engage with ScotRail, SPT and Stage Coach on transport connections
  • Online Survey to be published on CFL website including public drop in events.

Lead owner: CalMac Ferries Ltd (CFL)

Outcome: On-line public consultation opened for comments/feedback Tuesday 23 August 2022 supported by drop in events at Ardrossan, Campbeltown and Brodick (Arran) on 23, 24 and 25 August 2022. Please visit CFL webpage for more information. 

Ardrossan Project – North Ayrshire Council Landside Public Consultation

  • Share draft landside proposals with the communities – Arran, Ardrossan and Campbeltown
  • Online Survey published on NAC website and info on TS webpage. Consultation open from 21 February 2021 until 15 April 2022
  • Public Drop In Event undertaken 13 April 2022
  • NAC to draft report with outcomes of public consultation and final version of landside design. Feedback to the community of outcomes.

Lead owner: North Ayrshire Council (NAC)

Outcome: Public Consultation closed 23 September 2022. Consultation Report expected published Autumn 2022

Troon – Landside layout plans

  • Share layout with key stakeholders

Lead Owner: ABP and Transport Scotland

Outcome: Completed site visit and shared landside layout plans with Arran Ferry Committee, Troon Community Council and Ayrshire Chamber of Commerce on 19 April 2022.

Ardrossan – Project Update

  • Ardrossan Task Force Meetings to be scheduled with Minutes published timeously
  • Harbour re-development project to be progressed by the steering group and Ministerial Task Force
  • Question and Answer document – regularly updated
  • Communications Events Planner – regularly updated

Lead owner: Transport Scotland

Outcome: to provide regular updates on project development throughout the year via the TS project webpage and other mediums.

Troon – Project Update

  • Marine Infrastructure works (new fender and suspended concrete deck) – completed March 2022
  • Landside infrastructure works – expected completion by Summer 2022
  • Question and Answer document – regularly updated

Lead owner: ABP and Transport Scotland

Outcome: to provide regular updates on project development via the TS project webpage and other mediums