Scottish Safety Camera Programme


Through targeted safety camera enforcement and improving driver behaviour, the purpose of the Scottish Safety Camera Programme is to contribute to Scotland’s road safety vision and road safety targets as set out in the Scottish Government’s Road Safety Framework to 2020

Road Safety Vision: A steady reduction in the numbers of those killed and those seriously injured, with the ultimate vision of a future where no-one is killed on Scotland’s roads, and the injury rate is much reduced.

Safety cameras are for casualty reduction

Safety cameras deployed through the Programme must be done so primarily where they have the greatest potential to reduce injury collisions, and where there is evidence of both collisions and speeding.

Cameras may also be deployed at: relevant road works (where speed enforcement contributes to road worker, driver and other road user safety, as well as improving traffic flow); and through Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS)-based Managed Motorways (through which journey time reliability, journey times and road safety can be managed).

Safety cameras are not for revenue generation

The operations and activity of the Scottish Safety Camera Programme are funded by grant from Scottish Ministers.

The retention of monies received by the Scottish Government from fines and fixed penalties is off-set by an associated reduction in the block grant the Scottish Government receives from the UK Government. 

This is in accordance with the Fiscal Framework agreed between the UK and Scottish Governments in March 2016 which complemented the powers sets out in the Scotland Act 2016.



A distinct Scottish Safety Camera Programme was established following the successful trial of a UK-wide pilot in 2002 to detect speeding and red-light running offences. Between 2002 and 2006, eight Safety Camera Partnerships were established along legacy police force boundaries. Following a Review of the Programme in 2013-14 the Programme is now delivered across three areas – North, East and West.


A Review of the Scottish Safety Camera Programme was undertaken in 2013-14, concerned with the delivery and outcomes of the Programme. A range of documents relating to the Review are available below, with the agreed recommendation marking a significant step in delivering lasting improvements to the Programme and maximising its collision and casualty reduction potential.


The Scottish Government, through the Scottish Safety Camera Programme Office, is responsible for the Programme’s performance and administering grant funding for camera enforcement activity. Police Scotland is responsible for the operational delivery of the Programme, through Units in three enforcement Areas covering all of mainland Scotland. For more information on safety camera activity in your area please see Police Scotland's Safety Camera website.

North Unit

Email Tain or telephone 01862 893872

Email Aberdeen or telephone 01224 305931

Email Dundee or telephone 01382 596378

East Unit

Email Stirling or telephone 01786 456778

Email Fife or telephone 01592 418870

Email Edinburgh or telephone 0131 311 3251

West Unit

Email Dumfries or telephone 01387 242240

Email Glasgow or telephone 0141 532 6424


The Scottish Safety Camera Programme Handbook sets out the rules and guidance for the Programme in Scotland. It refers only to operations and activity undertaken and funded through the Programme, and does not apply to speed enforcement activity undertaken by Police Officers. The Chief Constable of Police Scotland has the right and responsibility to use all legal means to enforce speed limits outwith the rules of the Programme.

To ensure safety camera deployments continue to deliver casualty reductions and meet future demands a scoping exercise has been undertaken:

Information on performance management arrangements of the safety camera programme, as set out in the Programme Handbook, is contained in the following documents:

A list of frequently asked questions about the Scottish Safety Camera programme is also available to download.

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The Scottish Safety Camera Programme sets out the rules and guidance for the Programme in Scotland, but has no access to driver or vehicle details, or information about notices of intended prosecution or conditional offers.

If your enquiry is about driver or vehicle details, a notice of intended prosecution or conditional offer, or any other operational matter concerning the delivery of the Programme please contact the Safety Camera Units.

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