Ambassador for Active Travel - Lee Craigie

An independent of Government engagement role that focuses on championing diverse and inclusive participation in active travel and active travel decision-making

Spending on active travel in 2024‑25 will increase to at least £320m or 10% of the total transport budget. With this increase in funding Scotland requires a corresponding step-change in social norms and attitudes towards active travel, a paradigm shift in all of society through enhancing knowledge and understanding of, and appreciation for, the multiple benefits of regular physical activity, according to ability and at all ages.

From June 2022 until September 2023 she will be in post 2 days a week as Ambassador for Active Travel, an independent of Government engagement role that focuses on championing diverse and inclusive participation in active travel and active travel decision-making. This is important to ensure the Scottish Government can take the public with them in shaping the green transport revolution they have committed to deliver.

Her objective is to provide a strong, trusted, and impartial voice to take a lead on broadening and deepening the public conversation on active travel. While an increase in active travel will positively impact our health, wealth and climate, of these three benefits, she will focus her attention on how our physical and emotional health stands to gain from embracing active travel measures.

She will do this by

  1. Exploring creative, inclusive and engaging ways of broadening and deepening the public conversation on Active Travel in Scotland.
  2. Providing a link between Transport Scotland’s work on increasing access to bikes and relevant specialist stakeholders (in particular young people and people from poorly represented communities who might benefit the most from having access to a bike) so that policy makers can ensure their solutions are fit for purpose.
  3. Acting as a conduit for lesser heard voices to provide an independent and user-based perspective on Active Travel delivery to participants in the Active Travel Transformation Project, giving voice to the real-world impacts that the quality of delivery has on people.

In practice this means

  • Developing communication campaigns that engage a younger / different audience.
  • Developing mutually trusting relationships with small panels of people who’s voices would otherwise be hard to hear then relate policy proposals to them in plain speak before delivering their thoughts and opinions directly back to people in power.
  • Producing engaging and relatable content, such as podcasts, short films, or comic strips.
  • Holding active meetings where possible and fulfilling my Ambassador responsibilities by travelling only by foot, bike or public transport.


Please note that unless directly related to her remit Lee Craigie will not be able to provide advice relating to individual active travel issues, projects, or proposals.

In most cases enquiries will be better directed to our Active Travel Delivery Partners, Transport Scotland, or the Scottish Government.

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