Information on other concessionary travel and discounted schemes

In addition to the Scottish Government’s concessionary travel schemes which are detailed on the website, some local authorities offer other non-bus concessions which are also delivered on the National Entitlement Card (NEC). These non-bus concessions are available to cardholders who live in that area and available on a local basis:

The Scottish National Blind Persons Scheme is also delivered on the NEC. This is a voluntary arrangement between local authorities, COSLA and participating transport operators and provides free rail and ferry travel throughout Scotland for cardholders who have the eye symbol on their NEC indicating they have a card due to a visual impairment.

There may be other non-bus concessions available provided by your local authority not listed here so if you are unsure if anything exists in your area please phone the number on the back of your NEC (this will take you to your local authority team who deal with the NEC).