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The Road Worker Consultation

11 Jul 2024

The proposed consultation is required in order to develop legislative guidance that supports the 'Information about apparatus' provision with the New Roads and Streets Works Act 1991.

Guidance on Inclusive Design for Town Centres and Busy Streets

9 Jan 2024 / Closed

This document aims to support inclusive design and engagement processes that deliver accessible town centre and busy street environments for everyone.

Scottish Road Works Technical Consultation 2022

13 Jul 2022 / Closed

Specific technical questions regarding qualifications of supervisors and operatives, which is covered in Section 116 of the 2019 Act, and reinstatement quality plans, which is covered in Section 118 of the 2019 Act

Consultation on the 20% Reduction in Car Km Route Map

13 Jan 2022 / Closed

The Scottish Government and COSLA are inviting responses to this consultation by 6 April 2022.

Scotland’s Pavement Parking Prohibitions - Consultation on Pre-Implementation Directions and Regulations for Local Authorities

17 Dec 2021 / Closed

This consultation focuses on the work that needs to be undertaken in advance of the pavement parking prohibition being brought into force.

SRWR (Prescribed Fees) Regulations 2022

4 Oct 2021 / Closed

As in previous years, we intend to create a new Scottish Statutory Instrument accounting for the target cost of operating the Scottish Road Works Register in the 2021-22 financial year. The intention is to revoke the 2021 instrument, and replace with a new instrument for 2022.

Consultation on Penalty Charge Notices for Parking Enforcement

4 Aug 2021 / Closed

The Scottish Government is seeking your views on our proposals to amend the Government’s guidance on penalty charge levels and the amount of the penalty charge for the new parking prohibitions as this is to be set out in regulations.

A9 North Kessock to Tore Study - Public Consultation on Options

30 Jun 2021 / Closed

A public consultation to assess potential options for improvements on the A9 from North Kessock to Tore.

Traffic Regulation Order Review Consultation

4 Jun 2021 / Closed

Through this consultation, we wish to present proposals and gather evidence which will help inform our final decisions when considering a potential change in legislation.

Consultation on the M8 and M9 Trunk Roads (Newbridge to Hermiston Gait) (Actively Managed Hard Shoulder and Speed Limit) Regulations 2021

21 Oct 2020 / Closed

The regulations will allow the introduction of an actively managed hard shoulder on the M9 and M8 between Newbridge Junction and Hermiston Gait for the use of certain buses. A mandatory requirement of the regulations is that the provisions to be included in the regulations are subject to consultation.

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