Accessible Travel Conference 2019

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We welcomed delegates from across Scotland and beyond to our Accessible Travel Conference on Thursday 7 March 2019.

The event, which took place at the SEC in Glasgow, was designed to showcase the latest approaches to improving access for all.

For attendees from the public sector, the business community and third sector groups, it was an opportunity to share stories and develop a deeper understanding of issues that still need to be addressed.  

Discussions were themed around the four outcomes of our Accessible Travel Framework, that:

  • more disabled people make door to door journeys more often
  • disabled people are more involved in the design, development and improvement of transport policies, services and infrastructure
  • everyone involved in delivery transport information, services and infrastructure will help disabled people to travel
  • disabled people feel comfortable and safe using public transport – this includes being free from hate crime, bullying and harassment when travelling

We heard from a wide range of third sector organisations, transport operators, Police Scotland and the Scottish Youth Parliament, along with other guest speakers.