Scottish Ultra-Low Emission Bus Scheme

Building on the eight rounds of the Scottish Green Bus Fund, held each year between 2011 and 2018, a new, more ambitious fund, the Scottish Ultra-Low Emission Bus Scheme (SULEBS) was created, which aims to accelerate the transition to the lowest emitting buses in line with our emission targets.

Reducing emissions from all parts of the transport system is essential for tackling the climate emergency. Transport is currently Scotland’s largest sectoral emitter, responsible for 37% of Scotland’s total greenhouse gases in 2017. The draft National Transport Strategy, which sets the direction for transport over the next 20 years, identifies climate action as a priority.

Our intention is to support a sustainable market in ULEB/ZEBs in the long term, and will particularly reward those demonstrating a reducing need for Scottish Government subsidy over the period of the scheme and beyond.

To that end, the main objective of SULEBS is to support the purchase of ultra-low & zero emission buses (ULEB/ZEBs) in Scotland, helping stimulate the development and deployment of ultra-low emission technologies on the market to:

  • reduce carbon emissions from buses
  • improve air quality, particularly in urban environments

As with the Scottish Green Bus Fund, formal State aid approval must be in place prior to any monies being issued.

Unfortunately, due to the fact that State aid approval has not yet been received, we are unable to run any Scheme in the current financial year to support the purchase of ultra-low or zero emission buses.

We are continuing to pursue formal State aid approval for this Scheme with a view to running SULEBS in 2020-21, and will update these pages when we have more information.