Caledonian Sleeper Ltd



Caledonian Sleeper services are under public sector control.

On 25 June 2023 Caledonian Sleeper services transferred into public control and ownership. Sleeper services are now provided within the public sector, by an arm’s length company owned and controlled by the Scottish Government.

Serco Caledonian Sleepers Ltd staff transferred to the new Scottish Government owned operator, Caledonian Sleeper Ltd with their terms and conditions.

Caledonian Sleeper Ltd is owned and overseen by Scottish Rail Holdings Ltd (SRH Ltd), which is wholly owned by the Scottish Government. Caledonian Sleeper Ltd will continue to operate current Sleeper services.  

Governance structure

  1. Scottish Ministers
  2. Transport Scotland Sponsor
  3. Scottish Rail Holdings Ltd.
  4. Caledonian Sleeper Ltd.

An agreement is in place between the Scottish Ministers and Scottish Rail Holdings (SRH) which sets out the broad framework within which SRH and its subsidiaries will operate.

This is known as the Framework Agreement.

Visit the Caledonian Sleeper website for more information on the available services.