Concessionary Travel: Customer Feedback Research - Year One Report

Lorna Shaw
Research Resource
Emma Hewitt
ODS Consulting

ISBN 978 1 908181 87 9

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Executive Summary

How the card is used
Benefits of the scheme

1. Introduction
About This Report
Research Context
Research Aims and Objectives

2. Survey Methodology
Telephone Survey
Focus groups
Analysis and Reporting

3. The application process and administration of the scheme

Source of Awareness
Ease of obtaining information and information sources
The Application Process
Replacement cards
Renewing cards
Transport Scotland website

4. Using the card
Using the card to travel by bus
Problems experienced when travelling by bus
7 day pass
Showing identification
Driver asking for destination
Misuse of the card
Other uses of the National Entitlement Card
Companion cards
Overall satisfaction with bus travel
Overall satisfaction with Concessionary Travel Scheme

5. How and why the card is used
Reasons for travelling
Typical time of day of travelling
Distance travelled
Frequency of travel

6. Benefits of the scheme
Important aspects of the scheme
Circumstances without the card
Changes to travel method
Improvements to the NEC scheme

7. Conclusions

Appendix 1: Telephone Questionnaire

Appendix 2: Focus Group Topic Guide

List of Figures and Tables
Table 2.1: Local Authority and Cardholder Type response profile
Figure 2.2: Type of Card Held by Respondents
Table 2.3: Location and Characteristics of Focus Groups
Table 3.1: Source of awareness of the Scheme
Figure 3.2: Ease of obtaining information
Table 3.3: Source of information
Figure 3.4: Knowledge of people dealt with when getting Card
Table 3.5: Requirement for replacement card by RTP Area
Table 4.1: Reasons for not using card to travel by bus
Figure 4.2: Problems experienced when travelling by bus
Table 4.3: Do you show your photo to the driver by RTP
Table 4.4: Does the driver check where you are going by RTP
Table 4.5: Other uses of National Entitlement Card
Figure 4.6: Overall satisfaction with bus travel
Figure 4.7: Overall satisfaction with the Concessionary Travel Card scheme
Figure 5.1: Reason for travelling done when using the card
Figure 5.2: Typical time of travel using card
Table 5.3: Distance travelled when using the card by RTP
Table 5.4: Frequency of travel by RTP
Table 6.1: Most important aspects of having the NEC


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