Economic, Environmental and Social Impact of Changes in Maintenance Spend on Roads in Scotland Summary Report

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1 Introduction
1.1 Overview
1.2 Context
1.3 Approach

2 The Scottish Road Network - Key Information

3 Developing the Potential Scenarios
3.1 Applying Funding Constraints in Practice
3.2 Sampled Approach for the Local Roads Analysis

4 Summary of Impacts

5 Summary of Quantifiable Impacts

6 Discussion of Results
6.1 Key Conclusions
6.2 Key Assumptions
6.3 Sensitivity Analysis
6.3.1 Time profile of cost and benefit streams
6.3.2 Inflation on maintenance works costs
6.3.3 Vehicle operating costs
6.3.4 Scaling methodology for local roads
6.4 Overall conclusions on quantitative analysis after sensitivity testing

7 Acknowledgements



Appendix A Effect of budget constraints on activities

Appendix B Key aspects of methodology and assumptions for the quantified analyses

Appendix C Assessment of Differential Inflation Rates

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