Meeting Minutes - Road Safety Framework Local Partnership Forum – East - 14 June 2023


  • Michelle Little (ML) (Chair), Transport Scotland – Road Safety Policy Team
  • Ivet Gazova (IG),  Transport Scotland - Statistician
  • Debbie Nicol (DN), Road Safety Scotland
  • Andrew Thomson (AT), Police Scotland
  • Simon Bradshaw (SB), Cycling Scotland
  • Peter Jackson (PJ), Sestrans
  • Gillian Kelly (GK), Fife Council
  • Ian McCall (IM), Paths for All
  • Tommy Keay (TK), Scottish Fire and Rescue Service
  • Ross Drummond (RD), Police Scotland
  • Marshall Greenshields (MGr), East Lothian Council
  • Philippa Gilhooly (PG), Scottish Borders Council
  • Michael Renton (MR), Fife Council
  • Steven Sellars (SS), Fife Council
  • Ian Lennock (IL), East Lothian Council
  • Lorraine Forrester (LF), Transport Scotland – Road Safety Policy Team
  • Jim Reid (JR), BEAR Scotland
  • Gary Haldane (GH), Scottish Borders Council
  • Karen McDonnell (KM), RoSPA
  • Michael Grant (MG), Safety Camera Programme
  • David Monaghan (DM), Spokes
  • John Russell (JRu), Living Streets Scotland
  • Alasdair Sim (AS), Transport Scotland Trunk Road Casualty Reduction


  • Kieren Green (KG), Transport Scotland Road Safety Policy Team

Welcome and Introductions

The Chair confirmed that the Local Partnership Forum East meetings will now be held in June and November going forward, which improves the flow and information feed from the other governance meetings and the road casualty statistics.

Minutes and Action from Previous Meeting

Following actions from the last meeting a report from DM Spokes, on cycling for older road users was circulated to the group. An update on the wider roll out of Rider Refinement North was provided from AT Police Scotland.

Rider Refinement East will be delivered with dates being on the Police Scotland Website. These dates will be shared with members to circulate wider in their own organisations.

Updates from Governance Groups

The Strategic Partnership Board took place on 5 June with the Key Reported Road Casualties being a key focus, with an increase in the provisional figures for road casualties the group wants the other governance groups to consider creating sub groups with pedestrians being one of the focal points.

The Operational Partnership Group meeting took place on 7 June – they discussed the focal groups for those areas that have particularly high casualties. The groups will look at all the evidence and come up with an action plan of ways they can mitigate against similar KSI’s happening again. The groups if not already, will be established in due course.

As both these meetings were only held last week the minutes are not yet approved and published, but will be shared when they are available.

Casualty Statistics for the East of Scotland

IG presented slides on the provisional data for the east key reported road casualties 2022 and provided her email address for members should they have any questions on the road casualties for the east.

Key points were:

  • Provisional figures indicate the overall number of fatalities in Scotland for 2022 is 174 which is an increase from 141.
  • For the LPF East the total is 42 fatalities.
  • 70% of all casualties in LPF East are male which is similar to Scotland as a whole.
  • The groups with the highest fatalities in the LPF East are pedestrians (16) and car users (19).
  • In the east the 70+ age group (12) has the most fatalities followed by the 20-29 age group (9).

Action from previous meeting: Investigate collisions involving foreign drivers/riders.

In the East for 2022, 1,413 collisions occurred, 23 involving left hand drive vehicles. There is currently no data available for hire vehicles.

JRu highlighted a growing proportion of injuries are from incidents where no other vehicles were involved other than a pedestrian and provided a report detailing Swedish findings and current practice.

MGr asked for a summary note be provided on how the adjusted figures are presented as categories have changed within the Crash reporting system.

The Chair noted that a key purpose of this group is to analyse the stats within the East and look to work together to prevent and reduce the number of casualties happening, asking the group of any initiatives that are taking place to tackle issues contained within the stats.

The Chair offered support to those with events planned, where TS can attend offer assistance and also provide items for change with road safety messaging.

Older Road User

  • Police Scotland are working in conjunction with the Scottish Fire and Rescue Service (SFRS) delivering road safety events are garden centres within the Scottish Borders. These events have been looking at drivers health including eyesight tests and reaction simulator.
  • SB highlighted the older road user group chaired by Police Scotland.
  • Cycling Scotland and SFRS have been working together on a project for cycle awareness training for older drivers. This is something that could be shared wider once at the stage to do so.
  • An event by ScORSA was also highlighted, where older driver and fitness to drive was the main focus. Noting that it is key to have a blend of initiatives which work that can be shared and used wider.
  • GK noted a project which in early development stages, in Fife looking at older road users around retirement housing in Fife and can provide a further update on this at the next meeting.

DM queried if there has been any issued faced when engaging with older drivers that are reluctant to give up driving because of concerns of mobility or no alternative means to access services.

RD confirmed that there are challenges faced, especially in the more rural demographic areas, Police Scotland are able to signpost to services such as community buses which can assist in the movement around these areas.

Younger drivers

Police Scotland highlighted their Young Driver Early Intervention Scheme which was received well before the pandemic and is now being re-established. It will be delivered by officers in colleges as well as employers, such as Arnold Clark and Hibernian football club. This also includes cycle awareness.

Civil engineering association are launching a pathway to industry, engaging with colleges. KM suggested that it may be useful for ScORSA to make a connecting and discussed fitness to drive as the early stages.

Road Safety Updates

Updates were requested from members in advance of the meeting which were circulated. It was noted that food delivery riders research was contained within the Cycling Scotland update. KM highlighted that RoSPA has applied for fund through the Road Safety Trust for a piece of work on the gig economy.

The Chair asked if Cycling Scotland were planning any campaigns regarding cyclist behaviour or helmet wearing. SB stated focus was on collision prevention and drivers who pose the greatest risk to cyclists. Give Cycle Space Campaign designed to address this. There is a great deal of research evidence regarding helmet wearing and any discussion must take account of this.

Sestrans have also delivered cargo bike training in partnership with Cycling Scotland for couriers to help riders understand their responsibility. There is an onus on companies to ensure their staff are fully trained educated to follow the rules of the road.

An update was given from Transport Scotland on the Road Safety Framework Funding applications, closed in April with a total of five applications gaining funding approval. These bids are currently awaiting budgets being released before commencing. Once funding is in place members will be updated on which projects have been successful.

The National Strategy for 20 mph Speed Limits is progressing well, with most road authorities now completed their road assessment. The deadline for these to be completed by is end of June 2023 with meetings planned with CoSLA and SCOTS to discuss the best way to implement. A national communication plan is also being developed, this will be shared with local authorities to align messaging to increase the impact.

Work is continuing on Road Traffic Fatality reports, the final draft will contain recommendations and countermeasures which look to reduce the likelihood or severity of collisions of a similar nature. It is hoped that once the final report is received this can allow for a more proactive approach to prevent collisions happening.

LF provided an update on the Road Safety Improvement Fund for 23/24, advising that the budget has increased from an initial £7.5 to £9.5 million and that grant offer letters were issued to all 32 local authorities on 9 June.

JR highlighted that on the trunk roads the Safe System approach to road safety has been written into contracts which has seen risk assessments be conducted, and various upgrades to barriers and the roads and roadsides. Concern was raised on the progress of the safe system in other organisations.

MG advised there were certain risk areas in East Lothian which they hope the RSIF will be able to be used for without having a casualty profile, being more proactive rather than reactive. JR agreed with this approach.

Road Safety Scotland Activity

Road Safety Scotland (RSS) had shared their update with members before the meeting. DN provided further information, updating on the 6 Ziggy books for early years for nurseries and childminders which are available online and are free.

In addition RSS, depending on budget approval, are aiming to arrange events in October 2023 and Easter 2024 for younger children and ‘Go Safe with Ziggy’.

RSS also have a Ziggy costume which can be offered to organisations should they wish to use at any events.


TK from SFRS provided a presentation highlight the effect of electric vehicle car fires and the dangers these pose.

KM gave a presentation on the ScORSA project and how they are bring road safety messaging into those who drive and ride for work. During the presentation the following was noted;

  • The project is supported through the Road Safety Framework Fund and activities underpinned by the Safe System. They have an evidence based approach and undertake research and develop content on their themes.
  • ScORSA has delivered 10 road safety hours with the final one due on the 20th June on tyres and tarmac. They have also recorded two podcast series, support key road safety messaging and activity.
  • All content is available to view on the ScORSA website.

AOB and Next Meeting

KG highlighted that MAST has been supported again this year through the Road Safety Framework Fund and as part of this subscription we are able to offer a half day trainings course to all users in Scotland. A date for this is yet to be set, however, a doodle poll will be issued soon in order to identify the most suitable date.

The next meeting will take place in November, soon after the publication of the final stats, with a meeting invite being issued in due course.

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