Process Evaluation - Mallaig to Lochboisdale (Winter) Pilot Ferry Service

The aim of the evaluation was to use the monitoring data and the views of users and stakeholders to learn lessons from the pilot by gathering feedback on a number of specific research questions:

  • Who is using the service (residents, visitors etc), at what frequency, for what purposes? What were their travel patterns prior to the operation of the pilot service?
  • What are the carrying trends for the service? How many sailings took place and how much capacity was used?
  • What were the key project issues?
  • Why were services cancelled? What factors contributed to this?
  • How suitable is the vessel?
  • What are the views of households, visitors and businesses (both users and potential users) regarding the ferry service?
  • What changes to the timetable and operating period would provide travellers with the greatest benefit?
  • What has worked well during the project and what has worked less well?
  • If the project were to be repeated, how might it be improved or refined?
  • What would have to change to encourage more use of the service?

Published Date 18 Mar 2016 Type Mode of transport