Salt Group situation report

Number seven - 31 March 2024

  1. Current stock held by local authorities, trunk road operating companies and in strategic reserve is 418,805 tonnes. (This compares with current stock at 26 March last year of 398,141 tonnes).
  1. Salt on order by local authorities and trunk road operating companies is 19,230
  1. Salt being pursued/on order for strategic reserve is 0
  1. Total for salt in stock and on order is 438,035 (This compares with salt in stock and on order at 26 March last year of 431,981 tonnes)
  1. Total declared salt usage for winter season 2023-24 to date is 403,535 tonnes (This compares with salt usage at 26 March last year of 441,505 tonnes).
  1. National Strategic Salt Stock totalling 71,000 tonnes is currently in stock at various depots throughout Scotland.
  1. The final Salt Group Situation Report of the 2023-24 winter service season will be provided week ending 24 May 2024.

Published Date 17 Apr 2024 Type Mode of transport