This bulletin provides the results of the Transport and Travel related questions asked in the Scottish Household Survey (SHS), including information from both the travel diary and social survey components of the SHS.

This publication is split into 4 broad themes:

  • Personal travel
  • Motor vehicles, traffic and driving
  • Public transport and aviation
  • Walking and cycling

The Scottish Household Survey

The Scottish Household Survey (SHS) is a continuous survey based on a sample of the general population in private residences in Scotland. The survey has been conducted annually since 1999. In 2019, the SHS had around 9,800 respondents. 

The Travel Diary is a section of the survey which involves respondents recounting details of all the journeys they made the previous day. A journey can consist of one or more stages.  A new stage is defined when there is a change in the form of transport or when there is a change of vehicle requiring a separate ticket.

The more conventional survey content is referred to here as the Social Survey.

Non-transport-related SHS results and methodological information for the survey can be found on the SHS web pages

Interpretation of results

In order to maximise the utility of the data, most tables in Transport and Travel in Scotland (TATIS) provide estimates for single years where possible. Care should be taken when using estimates with lower sample sizes.

A lookup table for confidence intervals is included (Table A), which can be used in conjunction with the estimates and sample size to give an indication of what inferences can reliably be made from the data. In some cases, where the sample size is below 50 respondents, years have been combined or estimates suppressed.

Transport Scotland Statistics

For a more comprehensive statistical picture of transport in Scotland, Scottish Transport Statistics (a compendium publication presenting statistics from a range of sources) is published each February.

For a full list of transport statistics publications see: 

For queries relating to the publication, please contact:

Keith Hoy
Transport Analytical Services
Transport Scotland
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