Transport Scotland Scottish Trunk Road Infrastructure Project Evaluation - 1YA Evaluation Report for A75(T) Cairntop to Barlae

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1 Summary Of Impacts

Operational Indicators – How Is The Scheme Operating?

Process Indicators – How Well Was The Scheme Implemented?

Objectives – Is The Scheme On-Track To Meet Its Objectives?

Costs To Government – Is The Scheme Delivering Value For Money?

2 Introduction

2.1 Background to Project Evaluation

2.2 This Evaluation and Project Reported

3 Initial 1YA Evaluation - A75(T) Cairntop To Barlae

3.1 Introduction

3.2 Evaluation Methodology

3.3 The operation of the scheme and process evaluation

3.4 Environment

3.5 Safety

3.6 Economy

3.7 Accessibility & Social Inclusion

3.8 Integration

3.9 Cost to Government

3.10 Value for Money

3.11 Working towards achievement of objectives

A Methodology And Data Sources

A.1 Overview

A.2 Network Traffic Indicators

A.3 Environmental

A.4 Safety

A.5 Economy

A.6 Integration

A.7 Accessibility & Social Inclusion

A.8 Costs to Government

A.9 Value for Money

A.10 Achievement of Objectives

B Environmental Analysis


Table 2.1 Summary characteristics of the A75(T) Cairntop to Barlae scheme

Table 3.1: A75(T) Cairntop to Barlae – ATC Data

Table 3.2: A75(T) Cairntop to Barlae – Traffic Analysis Summary

Table 3.3: A75(T) Cairntop to Barlae – Travel Time Data

Table 3.4: A75(T) Cairntop to Barlae – Accident Data Summary

Table 3.5: A75(T) Cairntop to Barlae – Project Cost Summary

Table 3.6: A75(T) Cairntop to Barlae – Progress Towards Achieving Objectives


Figure 3.1: A75(T) Cairntop to Barlae – General Location Plan

Figure 3.2: A75(T) Cairntop to Barlae – Project Location Plan

Figure 3.3: A75(T) Cairntop to Barlae – Journey time survey plan

Figure 3.4a: A75(T) Cairntop to Barlae – 3 Years Before Opening Accidents

Figure 3.4b: A75(T) Cairntop to Barlae – 1 Year After Opening Accidents

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