Travel Choices Pilot Report

The Refugee Survival Trust and Third Sector partners in the Glasgow area led a short-term pilot running from January 2023 and finished in July 2023. The pilot provided travel support to people seeking asylum living in Glasgow through the provision of a digital bus pass, along with information and digital support to access and use the pass.

Participants in the pilot were asked to provide information on how often and why they made use of the free bus travel and the impact that having the bus pass had on their lives.

The Report’s overall conclusion is that providing access to regular bus travel has an overwhelmingly positive impact of the lives of people seeking asylum who ordinarily cannot afford to use public transport. It recommends that for any future provision of free bus travel to people seeking asylum is implemented nationally, either through provision of a long term digital ticket or extension of the National Concessionary Travel Scheme (NCTS) to include all people seeking asylum.

Read the full Report on the Refugee Survival Trust website.

Published Date 19 Oct 2023 Type Mode of transport Topic