Lerwick - Approval of plans and sections - Decision letter 2024

A Duncan MacLean
Brodies LLP Solicitors


17 April 2024

Dear Duncan

I refer to your application of 11 January 2024 on behalf of Lerwick Harbour Authority (the Authority) seeking approval by the Scottish Ministers of the plans and sections set out in the Application in respect of tidal works at Lerwick under Article 8 of the Lerwick Harbour Revision Order (HRO) 2007.


The Lerwick HRO 2007 approved various pieces of reclamation in the continued development of the harbour. Lerwick has carried out a number of reclamations since then. The present application is an extension of the quay at Gremista to facilitate a larger quay with greater under keel clearance to allow export of product from the fish processing business operating there.

Consultation process

We determined that the Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) undertaken previously for the Harbour Revision Order process may need to be updated. Transport Scotland contacted its statutory consultees – Scottish Environment Protection Agency, NatureScot and Highland Council – to ascertain whether the previous EIA, and associated recent environmental works, are sufficient to provide enough evidence of the environmental impact of the works.

The formal consultation with consultees concluded on 12 February 2024. Some wider comments about the proposed works were received; however, there was no objection to the proposals or requirement for additional EIA work to be carried out.


Scottish Ministers have considered the above proposal and consultation undertaken. They have agreed that consent be given to the Authority for this application, subject to the conditions that the Authority obtains any necessary Marine Licenses or planning consent for the works and complies with any conditions in these licences/consents.

Yours sincerely

Dario Dalla Costa
Ports Policy Advisor