National Transport Strategy: Improves our health and wellbeing

This is an excerpt from Scotland's National Transport Strategyproviding an overview of one of the four priorities of NTS2. 

Improves our health and wellbeingScotland’s transport system will be safe and enable a healthy and fit nation. Our transport system needs to be safe and secure and give users trust and confidence that they will reach their destinations without threat. It should also allow people to make active travel choices to improve their health and wellbeing and seek to reduce health inequalities. It should support our Public Health Priorities. Our transport system:

  • Will be safe and secure for all: the prevention and reduction of incidents, on the transport system will continue to be a priority.
  • Will enable us to make healthy travel choices: active modes will be a preferred method of travel and have a significant positive effect on individual health and wellbeing. This will reduce the social and economic impact of public health problems such as mental health, obesity, type-2 diabetes, and cardiovascular diseases.
  • Will help make our communities great places to live: cleaner and greener places and networks will encourage walking, wheeling and cycling. This will deliver more social interaction, support local businesses and services and create vibrant communities.

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